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Every skill is learned through practice — repetition of an action with the goal of improvement. Practice allows us to perform the skill with more ease, confidence, speed, and attention to detail.

As we practice, we notice the improvement in our abilities. What we cannot notice is that our bodies…

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Settling down to focus on writing is near impossible when your mind is running around in circles. We all have those days (or weeks) when we feel restless; when our mind is buzzing with thoughts, ideas, tasks we want to get done, but instead of working on those things we…

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My mind wanders ‘round a forest of questions. Scary things live there.
Uncertainty. Doubt. Guilt. Unfading memories.

They can be terrifying in the darkness that unanswered questions brings. Turn. Try to run. But it‘s too dark. The veil is too thick. One simply bumps into those apparitions. Or smashes into…

Ivvie Ivanova

Writer. Hobby novelist. Sociable introvert. Bulgarian living in Sweden. Articles on writing, productivity, mental health, life.

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