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So that I can finally grasp it

The science behind improvement and 4 actionable tips to get better at anything

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What does practicing do to our brains?

There are two kinds of neural tissue in the brain — grey matter on the outside and white matter on the inside. Grey matter…

The gold standard is a safe, reliable, fast website. Let’s talk about that last point.

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1. No to peer and societal pressures

Just like most teenagers and young adults, I experience these kinds of pressure. There is an urgency to perform, to be more like my peers. It’s…

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Art is an endless universe I can walk into just by picking up my pencil.

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and what you could do about it

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A poem about memories latched on.

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When honor is for naught.

Ivvie Ivanova

Writer. Hobby novelist. Sociable introvert. Bulgarian living in Sweden. Articles on writing, productivity, mental health, life.

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