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The act of loving myself as an article.

Today is my 25th birthday and I can’t help the contemplative mood mixed in with my intense need to party. Since partying to my fullest abilities is not an option, I'm spending the evening vibing to my favorite music, dancing in my seat, drinking, and writing about some of the things I've learned in my life so far and a few I haven't yet. Seems like a good enough way to celebrate my birthday.

1. No to peer and societal pressures

Just like most teenagers and young adults, I experience these kinds of pressure. There is an urgency to perform, to be more like my peers. It’s…

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An original poem

Tell me why I feel so empty,
tell me why these pills won’t help me.

Been trying to fill up on memories
But my heart’s still empty.

Is this why everybody left me?

Tell me, why the fuck do I feel so empty?
Why the fuck won't these damn pills help me?

Have you left me?
Give me a reason not to resent me.

I just feel so empty.
I try to be preemptive,
To anticipate the storms
Before they grab me.
I’m full of pills but empty.

Too light to keep my feet on the ground.
Fill me up with…

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An original poem.

What did it mean to touch?
All I got was the need for a crutch.
It wasn’t enough.
My body is broken.
Bruises are blossoming,
My heart is a gossamer.

Don’t want to trash in the biting wind,
I want to find peace.
To let myself breathe and be.
I cast my anchor by the shore,
Mend the sails that we tore.

My tongue coated in dust,
Trading lust for clear skies and sparkling eyes
I was on the frontlines of thrills. …

Online Book Club Review and Tips to Make Money as a Book Reviewer

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Wouldn’t it be great to receive free e-books to read and get paid for a short review with growing payment? That’s a dream come true for any book lover including myself. That’s why I was thrilled to learn about a platform that offers just that and is completely legitimate.

The platform is called Online Book Club and it rewards proper reviews that adhere to their standards. It favors consistency which allows the reviewer to gain a higher reviewer score and, in turn, get higher payment per review. …

Positive and negative effects and my tips for you

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I had been planning on getting help for my mental health for ten years. Sometime in the future, I’d say whenever I talked about it with someone. I never made any real plans, but I would’ve if I knew getting help would be as easy as it was.

What they say about telling at least one person is true. I hesitated for a long time, but once I calmly explained to my grandma what a panic attack was, she listened. I can see she still doesn't understand where the hell it came from but at least she didn’t turn her…

The most important lessons that my failed blog thaught me

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The process of running a blog long-term and making it successful is overwhelming if you have to figure everything out on your own. There’s a lot to learn and even more to try out and see if it works for you. That anxiety-inducing overwhelm made my test-run blogs difficult to maintain and my self-hosted blog impossible to grow. I kept trying out different tips I’d read on other blogs, scheduling more and more tasks into my already cramped schedule, and eventually, I burnt out. I lost track of the basic elements of blogging that every blogger talked about:

  • Create high-quality…

A creative humorous take on how a girl with big dreams found love in two writing platforms

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I never cared for Valentine’s Day and believed it existed for the love of consumerism, not romance or kindness of the heart. Then, last year, Valentine’s rolled in and I met one of my greatest loves — my B.

B. was in a horrible condition and so was I. We made each other better before embarking on what turned out to be a rocky journey that would ultimately lead to a messy breakup.

At first, it was great. We’d spend most of the day together and stay up late into the night. We got to know each other and figured…

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes

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Sometimes, writers tend to overwrite or hop from one topic to another within the same draft. That can make the editing process headache-inducing because we end up with a mess on our hands we need to sort through. I like to save most of what I cut out when editing my articles, prose, or poetry. I can’t bring myself to delete reject paragraphs because I might want to use some of them later. In fact, almost everything on the chopping block ends up as the makings of a new piece of content. …

A sarcastic, cynical, unfiltered, obnoxious, rub-you-the-wrong way kind of example.

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Lately, I haven’t been writing or editing. I simply don’t feel like it. I’m writing now out of spite and anger because I’ve been trying for days. I’m writing because my nerves went yeet and snapped. (A/N: as a meme connoisseur, adding the word yeet to my Grammarly dictionary just now has proven to be a fine treat.)

I could talk about my months-long depression, relationship issues, daily anxiety, mental fog, lack of security in life. I could dive into all the ways my problems make me incapable of writing, but I don’t want to. …

Never a dull moment when you’re writing

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A writing career consists of more than writing and publishing your content. It consists of more than writing, period, but that is a topic for a later time.

There’s a myriad of smaller tasks that involve some sort of writing. Thay can be done during shorter time frames or when you don’t have enough energy or desire for major writing.

That could be in the morning, during a commute, while waiting at a queue, or, if you’re like me, at a social gathering because you can’t turn off your work brain. …

Ivvie Ivanova

Writer. Hobby novelist. Sociable introvert. Bulgarian living in Sweden. Articles on writing, productivity, mental health, life.

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